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Beware of content you share

The video "Beware of content you share" video highlights the risks associated with the distribution of an inappropriate content on the Internet. We live in a time when we know almost everything about a person through his account on Facebook, Instagram or other social networks. We share what we eat, what we do, where we are, who we are with. We communicate through photos, videos and voice records. We often create such content for a seemingly harmless purpose. Whether it is a joke or we want to send content to a person we fully trust, we need to keep in mind that once we send something through social networks to another person, or allow another person to create such content, it can be made public. Before you create, send, or post such content on the Internet, it is always important to think about whether you really want other people to see it. For example, do you want your friends, family, parents to see the photo or video? Can your professor, employer, colleague see the video?

The effects of such action may have consequences that we are not aware of at the time of the action. It is normal that you trust your family, friends or partners, but keep in mind that their account can also be attacked by someone and the content on it can be misused. This can have particularly serious consequences if you have created sexually explicit videos or photos. We usually think that it cannot happen to us. Until it happens to us.

You can find the video HERE.

More information on strategic and conceptual materials can be found at or on the profiles of the National Coordination Centre for Resolving the Issues of Violence against Children on social networks.

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