Detstvo bez násilia

Anybody can be a victim

The video focuses on the risks of sexual abuse and exploitation through the digital environment. Throughout social networks and communication platforms, it is very easy to gain trust or to believe the person on the other side of the screen.

We often encounter cases where children start to communicate with strangers whose real identity they do not know. It is anonymity that can be an advantage in the beginning, the reason why they can open up easily and write things over the Internet that they have trouble to tell someone directly. Trust is very precious among people. That is why it can have very bad consequences, if a child starts to trust the wrong person. Especially children in a vulnerable age or in a difficult life situation, they may feel that they have no one to trust and no one notices them. Therefore, they find the interest of a person from the online world and social networks precious, even though they do not know her/his true identity. Children often try to tell us things (by various means) which bother them, and if we do not listen to them, they can turn to the wrong person they confine into.

Abroad, this type of violence is called "Grooming". We can characterise it as taking care of a relationship and building trust between sexual predator and her/his victim. Most often it is a matter of creating a false child identity by adults (fake online profile) for various, mostly dangerous (paedophile) purposes, leading in an effort to attract or raise a future victim.

Sexual abuse and exploitation become an increasingly common forms of violence committed over the Internet, which is why we shall try to be more careful with the acquaintances we have gained in the online world.  "It cannot happen to me" or "I can trust her/him" ​​until it really happens.

You can find the video HERE.

More information on strategic materials can be found at or on the accounts of the National Coordination Centre for Resolving the Issues of Violence against Children on social networks.

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