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Instagram is not reality

The aim is to point out the problem of social networks, which do not always show real life. The world in the digital environment gradually began to intermingle with real life and became an everyday part of it. Today, there are many social network platforms where people try to look their best and create the impression of a perfect life in the eyes of others. Such a picture of life can be built more easily through social networks.

However, behind a seemingly flawless life, there is often a reality that is not always perfect. Each of us has better and worse days, we face more problems in life, and therefore, it is very easy to believe in certain life situations that other people do not have problems. Money, a luxurious lifestyle, a perfect figure or a perfect relationship become the highest values. From a relatively young age, children learn that everything should be perfect, shiny and beautiful. We all know that life is not like that, and we will also encounter disappointment, something ugly or difficult. But how will we be prepared to respond to these imperfections of life when we live in the illusion of a perfect online world? Will we be able to cope with the disappointment when something is not worthy of photos and at least hundreds of likes?

It is important that we do not forget that there is a lot of work behind every success in life. We need to be able to distinguish between a healthy motivation to work on ourselves to achieve the success we want and living in a digital environment, where success may depend on a good filter, the correct pose or a carefully selected shot from thousands of others. One photo, however, does not capture the whole story of a man. And would people spend so much time online if they were really as happy as they look on social media? Does a man who has a successful day spend half his time taking photos of himself?

You can find the video HERE.

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