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Evaluation of the 2020 campaign

Evaluation of the 2020 campaign - protection of children in the digital environment

From March 1, 2020 to November 30, 2020, our campaign to protect children in the digital enviroment took place. The aim of the campaign was to draw society's attention to the problems posed by social networks. The creation of the campaign is one of the tasks of the National Strategy on the Protection of Children againts Violence with the strategic goal no. 5 - Raising awareness on the issue of violence against children. The campaign was also based on the National Strategy on the Protection of Children in the Digital Enviroment, which focuses on this issue. One of the tasks of our National Strategy on the Protection of Children in the Digital Enviroment is to support the promotion of media literacy, the development of critical thinking and the development of skills needed to analyze complex media facts needed to recognize the difference between objective facts and subjective opinions.

As part of the campaign, 5 videos were created on the violence most frequently encountered by children in the online world. You can also find videos, in more language versions, on our Youtube channel, as well as two other backstage videos.

Another goal was to promote and detab the topics of violence against children through social networks and the interaction of followers. During 9 months we managed to reach the following public:



Youtube videos:

You can find more precise statistics on specific contributions, on our website in the Documents - Raising Awareness section, entitled: Evaluation of the 2020 Campaign.

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